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Industry Symposia

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  • Prevention of Muscular Skeletal Infections
  • Fracture-Related Infection: current concepts on diagnostics and treatment
  • Diabetic foot infection: vascularisation and soft tissue management
  • Optimizing PJI diagnosis strategy
  • Strategies against Biofilm related infections
  • Spinal infections



  • Fracture-related infection: current concepts
  • Bacterial-Implant Interactions
  • EBJIS abroad project
  • Innovation in treatment of biofilm related Infection
  • Improvement in microbiological diagnosis
  • Outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy
  • How to better prevent OA infection?
  • Bacteriophage therapy


  • Clinical research on fracture PJ related infection
  • Basic and translational research
  • Clinical research on Diabetic foot infection 
  • Infections treatment in developing countries
  • Clinical research on fracture related infection
  • Clinical research on PJ related infection 


  • Alex Ramsden, United Kingdom
  • Ana Bettencourt, Portugal
  • Andrej Trampuz, Germany
  • Bridget Atkins, United Kingdom
  • Caroline Briquet, Belgium
  • Christine Dupont, Belgium
  • Dan Putineanu, Belgium
  • David Eglin, Swizerland
  • Elie Berbari, United States
  • Eric Senneville, France
  • Fernando Baquero, Spain
  • Fintan Moriarty, Switzerland
  • Françoise Van Bambeke, Belgium
  • Frederic Laurent, France
  • Geertje Govaert, the Netherlands
  • Hector Rodriguez-Villalobos, Belgium
  • Hervé Poilvache, Belgium
  • Jan Noyez, Belgium
  • Jean-Cyr Yombi, Belgium
  • Jean-Paul Pirnay, Belgium
  • Maïte Van Cauter, Belgium
  • Marc Hanschen, Germany
  • Mario Morgenstern, Swizerland
  • Martin Anderson, Sweden
  • Maya Hites, Belgium
  • Mike Reed, United Kingdom
  • Olivier Barbier, Belgium
  • Olivier Borens, Swizerland 
  • Parham Sendi, Swizerland
  • Peter Reynders, Belgium
  • Rob Lavigne, Belgium
  • Thierry Begue, France
  • Thomas Bjarnsholt, Danmark
  • Thorsten Gehrke, Germany
  • Tom Coenye, Belgium
  • Tristan Ferry, France
  • Xavier Holemans, Belgium
  • Yvonne Achermann, Switzerland